Parkstone Baptist Church

Church despite Covid-19

Sundays in Lockdown Step 3

Sunday 16th May sees us return to a morning service in the church building under Step 2 measures.

Sunday 23rd May we meet in Step 3 a little more freely, if still carefully!

From Sunday morning 30th May we won't be putting a pre-recorded video version of this service on our website, YouTube channel and Facebook page. A short version of weekly Sunday evening word and prayer continues by these means as well as by a printed postal version available for those not connected  by internet. This printed version can be emailed to.

From Sunday 23rd May

We have morning service in the church building at 10.30am. For the time being, the morning videos have come to an end. YouTube videos for evening word and prayer continue on the Evening Prayer page, Facebook and, of course, on our YouTube channel. CDs of the morning service are available.

Today (23rd May) at our morning service we were due to have a visit from Laura our BMS worker in Peru. Due to Covid Laura joins via a video she has prepared. This isn't on YouTube, but it can be downloaded from WeTransfer. There is not a video version of the morning service on our YouTube channel today.

This is the We Transfer link for the large file version of Laura’s video (1.3GB):


The picture quality of this second link is less, but the file is much smaller (313MB):


And thanks to Rev Colin Norris for our sermon this morning from Matthew 14.

A short at home version of full service in our church building: