Parkstone Baptist Church

Church despite Covid-19

Sundays from 8th November

Following the Government's move into a second lockdown, we cannot hold our usual morning and evening services in the church building.

Most Sunday mornings there will be a pre-recorded video version of this service here on the website, our YouTube channel and Facebook as well as a printed postal version available for those not connected  by internet.

Sunday Morning 22nd November

The link for Sunday morning 8th November service is here.  There are two. The first is a greeting from Ben Lucas and the second is entitled 'Don't call me Naomi'. 

1st November

With a visiting preacher this last Sunday morning, we do not have a recorded video version of the home service. However, our preacher John Good's sermon is printed on the Sunday morning service home sheet below. Some of our morning recorded services are also below.

Sunday Morning 4th October

This week we are joined by Chris Stratta of Leprosy Mission. Chris's message is included and, as he takes it around the churches, it can also be found in this YouTube video below.

27th September