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Friday Prayers

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Friday Prayers is our weekly prayer service at midday in the vestibule each Friday. It lasts for about twenty minutes and is a simple service of prayer and word. We have developed our own pattern which, while encouraging shared prayer, allows space for open prayer, silence and reflection. Prayer in this way over 52 weeks of the year helps us to pray both for the week's headline issues as well pray for many aspects of life which could otherwise be overlooked.

Friday Prayers has become an important part of our church's life. Many who come stay on from Friday's Coffee Pot drop-in, while others come especially to the church at midday. Some who come are church attenders, while others do not currently attend a service anywhere or attend other churches.

Friday Prayers is a special moment and is a call to prayer even when we are not able to be there in person. Copies of the week's prayer sheet are freely available for personal use at home or work.

FRIDAY PRAYERS for 25th June and days following

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