Parkstone Baptist Church

Church despite Covid-19

About Us

Like most Christians everywhere we believe in one God - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God created our world out of love and in order to give our human race a home. God intended that human beings should know him and enjoy life with him.

However, the human race chose to walk away from God and as a result the sad results of sin, suffering and death entered our experience. 

God did not give up on his creation and through centuries of time worked to bring his Son into our world. Jesus is God the Son made one of us. He lived our life; he died our death and he rose again to make it possibly for us to know life with God once more.

We believe that God has spoken to our world through his Son and through the Bible.

We believe that God the Holy Spirit comes into the life of everyone who acknowledges Jesus as Lord and Saviour. 

We practice the baptism of believers in Jesus Christ as a visible sign of both Christian discipleship and of God's saving love. 

We believe it is our responsibility individually and together to grow in our Christian faith and life; to proclaim and demonstrate the good news of Christ; and to serve our town country and world in the love of God.

We live in a country seemingly full of selfish people with “don’t care” attitudes; where lies are the norm in the headlines; where dishonesty is acceptable, “Spin” rules, and “Me first” is commonplace. We value a different kind of community - where people care for each other, strangers are welcomed, truth is valued, helping hands are offered, family is a cornerstone and “After you” is commonplace.

Come and see………..